noocleo is

a center for coordination of senior professionals that operates in the field of information & communication technology

how we work

noocleo professionals work in teams.

They combine personal experience with interpersonal skills and the ability to manage complex processes within a set time frame and with excellent results.

noocleo teams are formed by matching the best skill sets with the competencies required, aligning these skills with the client’s objectives.


The client contacts noocleo about a project.

Together we identify the necessary competencies and players to include in the project. Then we develop a project plan with the executive team, keeping the requirements, reports, activities and delivery times uppermost in our mind at all times.


Every noocleo project is assigned a project coordinator for the team.

This allows the client to develop their objectives without the need for interim phases, allowing individual team members to focus exclusively on their own work.


We mostly use cloud tools for remote working, including for video conferences, instant messaging and online project management platforms, in order to shorten the distances, eliminate stress and cut costs.

job sentiment

courage to innovate with professional skills//room for ideas that can be transformed into projects
shared experiences to overcome challenges//ethical transparency throughout the group
profound empathy to identify hidden needs//harmony among team members as a qualitative synergy
gratification of finishing a project through joint efforts
creative joy in a shared virtual space that eliminates all distances


This emotional approach enables noocleo professionals to work with enthusiasm, also allowing the client’s company to implement its own know-how thanks to this empathy with the team.

why choose noocleo

  • Coordination of all creative and implementation phases
  • Teams that have already worked together successfully
  • Feedback on project status in real time
  • Active involvement of the client
  • Highly professional and innovative communication