noocleo co-founder project director
industrial & interaction designer

vittorio arenella

noocleo co-founder
project director
industrial & interaction designer

I am a designer – or rather, a down-to-earth dreamer: I always manage to turn the ideas in my imagination into a reality. I have the gift of anticipating future developments, and when I see them take shape years later, I’m already in the process of designing something else that is yet to happen. Many say I’m a genius, but my strength lies in managing to give form to other people’s nascent ideas or intuitions – and, sometimes, my own.

I come from the world of industrial design and I’m obsessed with the ergonomics of man-machine interfaces and with software ergonomics. My job is to design graphic interfaces that control complex and evolved systems, making them easy-to-use and intuitive, like a door handle. Cognitive ergonomics: it means studying and understanding the workings of the human brain before designing things it will never grasp.

I love observing people, seeing how often and how clumsily they use everyday objects or other objects made for different purposes in order to resolve little everyday problems. I am fascinated by Non-Intentional Design; that is, something creative that comes from people and from their common ways of doing things, from their lifestyle, something that adapts to times and places.

I live in the future, so I often miss the present while being almost completely indifferent to things past. And I never ask people where they come from or what they have done in life. It matters very little to me: what matters is what they want to do in the future and, above all, how.

I trust people, as they are the driving force behind everything, but at the same time I am aware that people are the most unstable thing in the world. There is no perfect balance. What matters is putting the mind center stage and trying to capture its nuances, identifying those small and insignificant details that can often quite suddenly cause well-structured working groups to collapse.

noocleo is that which represents me; that is, a fantastic world in which you are never alone, where if you have a work-related problem or something you don’t know, you can find the answer from a top-quality pool of experienced professionals who are always available, who are also esteemed friends, who often give you support throughout life’s ups and downs or join you in moments of joy and celebration.

The best way to tell you what I am good at is to talk to you about the projects I’ve completed, but there isn’t enough room for everything here. But the more stoical among you are welcome to take a peek at my professional CV.

At noocleo, I am in charge of the Management Area that coordinates all projects. When it comes to impossible challenges or crazy ideas, nothing scares me, because together with other crazy people I do the most beautiful job in the world: designing and making clients’ wishes come true.

Don’t believe me? Put me to the test and tell me about your idea: I will be able to set up the team you need, tell you what needs to be done, how much time is needed and what it will cost. But, above all, I will do it better than you could have possibly imagined!

the object that represents me


  • project coordination
  • industrial design
  • interaction design
  • internet of things
  • usability & accessibility
  • digital coaching